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and water purification units.



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AQUA2LIVE M  mobile water treatment






Farming and husbandry without antibiotics










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The introduction of Aqua2live® units marks a breakthrough in disinfection, sterilisation and water purification technology.


For its environmental safety and innovative solution for so many applications, Aqua-4live® prototype system swept the board in any World Exhibitions of Invention and Innovation.


Help-Organizations and

Militarys in the world use

this units all over the world.





The year 1997 became a year of resounding success for Aqua2live® systems with the AQUA-4LIVE Development  winning some awards in Africa and Asia.





Fresh and healthy water is our life

We do not have enough!


  In AQUA2LIVE we have developed a unique group of companies in Europe which is focussed on the water purification, sterilisation and disinfecting industries.

  The roots of the group have developed through support and application of earlier technology including electrochemical activation (ECA) in its earliest form.




Heart of ECA/Diaphragmalysis




  We have brought to the above industries earlier experiences which have enabled us to better deliver potential and application of ECA technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a large scale. This gives us a strong technical edge over our competition and allows us to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.

  Together with dedicated specialist companies we have built channels to market and service clients from the largest major corporate to the smallest domestic household, offering advice on all aspects of water purification, sterilisation and disinfecting.

  ECA technology is unique to the AQUA2LIVE Group of companies. ECA technology was first developed in the late 70's in conjunction with the Russian Institute for Medical and Scientific Research and earlier models of ECA products were sold throughout the former Soviet Union, generally for disinfecting of water and sterilisation in hospitals.
AQUA2LIVE, through the use of innovative technologies, has driven ECA
to new heights and developed a range of manual and automated products that can be applied for use in a multitude of different applications.
Self-cleaning, demineralization, ionizer and decalcification are inbuilt for a long lifespan. All installations are maintenance-free and controlled by internet by manufactory.

Professional water disinfection and treatment


 In Germany, with  one of the rigorous law for drinking water in the world, our units and solutions

   are permitted for disinfection of water for human use:

           § 11 TVO – 1.01.2003

           DIN 19643

           DIN 1988 Part 1-5/8

           DVWG W 224, 296, 624

           EN 1040


           Conform with EU decret No. 31/98/83/EC 2.02.2001


Drinking water production all over the  world



  In cooperation with world-wide operating special-companies  for well-construction, we offer a complete system of biological drinking water-production.




                           .With german tecnology Deutsch Made in The Nederlands

Fusioned with Dutch electronic giant Aqua2live BV

Aqua2live is a revolutionary invention that offers many benefits. After a natural disaster, Aqua2live makes it possible to have clean drinking water anywhere in the world in a short period. Swimming pools would no longer require chlorine, shower water would be free from Legionella bacteria that could be harmful. Water from Aqua2live would be cleaner than tap water.


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