AQUA2LIVE: How to prevent and cure foot-and-mouth disease

Fighting Foot-and-Mouth  Disease


 Well-known facts about foot-and-mouth disease:

1. Very resistant to ether, chloroform, Freon and etc.;
2. Rapid inactivation under PH lower than 6;
3. Maximum resistance under PH 7….7,5;
4. Stability under ambient temperature in the range from
   -70C to +60C and sometimes to +80C;
5. The present disinfecting solutions to fight foot-and-mouth  disease are hot 3% solution of NaOH and/or 1% solution of    formaldehyde;
6. The "gates" for penetration of foot-and-mouth disease virus are mucous membranes and hairless sections of the skin;
7. The isolation of the agent of foot-and-mouth disease by sick animals occurs with milk, sperm and saliva even several days before clinical indications of the disease;
8. Recovered livestock still can remain the source of the foot-and-mouth disease virus for 8…24 months;
9. Cats and dogs show no symptoms of being infected with  foot-and-mouth disease;


You can save them, if you care!



 Anolyte application protocol to fight foot-and-mouth disease

Anolyte application protocol to fight foot-and-mouth disease


  • Daily fogging/spraying of anolyte(Aqua2live solution) in the presence of the animals;



Anolyte application protocol to fight foot-and-mouth disease


  • Watering with pure anolyte with different doses for adult and young animals;




  • Disinfecting of dry fodder with anolyte;



  • Before milking udder disinfecting with anolyte. It is advised to have anolyte warmed up and used as spray;

  • Disinfecting of the external sex organs by anolyte before taking out sperm and insemination;

  • If your region is subject to frequent outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease, it is advise to continue the above given procedures even after epidemic is over;

  • For relatively safe regions, as means to prevent foot-and-mouth disease, it is advised to stick to general disinfecting procedures with anolyte recommended by AQUA2LIVE Development for animal husbandry;
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