* Now a microbiological Institute of the German Government is testing AQUA-4LIVE solutions fighting against  SARS, BSE, poultry and pig plaque. First results are positiv! 

* Military in East Asia  has tested for many month in the Jungle the mobile AQUA-4LIVE M and ordert now near 100 Installations .

* One of the leading spanish Hotel Giant with more than 200 hotels worldwide decide to equip  all hotels with AQUA-4LIVE water disinfection installations. In all these hotels you can drink without any doubt the water.


This Photo we have received from  Tadjikistan: In mission for Deutsche Welthungerhilfe

                                               Aqua-4live M 5.0


This treatment plant is running without any problems since 14 years!

     * Tsunami Asia: Again many Aqua-4live M units are shipped  to the  disaster areas for producing fresh and clean drinking water. Care and help organizations have ordered new installations.

     * The spanish Investor Group and Real Estate dealer Sanssouci Corp S.L. have made a contract to equip all their  buildings, like Hotels, Hospitals and  Villas  with AQUA-4LIVE water disinfection installations. 

      * The new luxury Yacht Port and Domicile of the  Rich and Beauty  "SIDI AL MINARI" in the Bay of Tangier / Morocco will be exclusive equiped for drinking and waste water disinfection with AQUA-4LIVE installations, including  1 Hospital, 1 Reha-Station, two  5 Stars  Hotels, 1 Gambling Casino,  all Luxus Flats and Duplex, 60 Villas, 80 - 120 Chalets, all Swimming Pools aso.

Great news for poultry farmers. Anolyte kills SARS   

January 2014 Aqua-4live Ltd. have a new partner, the Dutch Electronic Giant "Aqua2live BV".                         

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