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AQUA2LIVE: Applications of Anolyte and Catholyte on poultry-farms

Total hygiene to the protection against poultry plague and other diseases





With Aqua2live it concerns a special DIAPHRAGMALYSIS procedure for the production of oxidative and reductive solutions on the basis of water and common salt.

The special procedure produces metastable connections by electro-chemical activation processes. The result of these processes are non-toxic solutions, which diminish themselves within short time independently and completely.

The DIAPHRAGMALYSIS manages synergies of several so far only as mono procedure admitted to disinfectants. The efficiency of the disinfection solution Anolyte towers above conventional disinfection procedures by these synergies around a multiple. The natural mineral content of the water remains unaffected. The pH values of the Anolyte solutions are in the sour to neutral range.

On the other side by the Diaphragmalysistechnology alkaline solutions, which produces Catholyte, will be their pH values above pH 8. These solutions are suitable outstanding for the neutralization and flocculation suitably of heavy metals, in addition, for the extraction and as cold washing solution, as plant fertilizers in the best way!


1. Aqua2live appliances can produce 9 different solutions. Everyone of them has another strength and another pH value, that the acid and/or. Caustic solution content of the respective solution indicates. For each solution there are different applications.


2. It can be used to washing away the eliminations of the poultry animals. This leads to a disinfection of the soil, on which the poultry lives, additionally can be cleaned the feeding troughs  with Anolyte .


3. Anolyte can be used both for the treatment of the fodder , and for the treatment of the drinking water . These are the two main causes for the transmission of diseases. If the fodder in silos is stored, then it should be out-sprayed regularly with Anolyte, as also the fodder should be sprayed regularly thereby.

In a diluted form is the bactericidal smell-free and have no influence on the food ingestion behaviour of the animals.

The expenditure for water and lines should be cleaned at least 3 time weekly with Anolyte, the drinking water should be stored in containers disinfected with Anolyte . The treatment of the drinking water should take place at least 30 minutes before consumption, in order to make sure that the drinking water is completely sterilized. If the drinking water should exhibit a heavy metal problem, then these heavy metals can be neutralized and separated by Catholyte. The used containers should have  possibilities of being able to take the set off materials out.



4. For different medical applications  Anolyte in the ratio 1:20 is diluted. With this relationship still another lighter smell is to be determined, so that possibly a feeding could become necessary by hand or oral injection. An exemplary animal-medical report follows , that, although not with chickens- a successful treatment with animals represents.


5. Salmonellas penetrate through the peel into the eggs during first  3 days after putting, while the egg shells harden to their normal strength. It was found out that, if the freshly eggs are inserted during the first 48 hours into Anolyte the Salmonellas on the surface is not only killed, but the Anolyte is absorbed by the soft bowl, so the Salmonellas arrived in the inside of the eggs are killed . The Anolyte remains active for approx. 48 hours during the hardening process inside the eggs and diminishes themselves thereafter completely to water, without leaving bacteria or toxic arrears.

6. If the chicken is slaughtered, it is usually inserted in water ultra highly heated up, in order to make the remove possible of the feathers without damage of the skin. This procedure is both cost-intensive and dangerous in the handling. If the bodies are inserted after slaughtering into Catholyte, then the molecular structure of the skin is loosened, and which feathers/springs can do without damage of the skin are removed, without protective clothing the personnel must have.


7. After the preparation and before the packing the bodies can being washed internally like outwardly with Anolyte , in order to protect it during transport. In the warm climate ice can be made of Anolyte, which leads to the fact that the life span of the bactericidal one is extended by at least 2 days. The bodies packed with this ice are RH-sterilized during the thawing out process, since the melting Anolyte ice releases the bactericidal  during transport  ( this same process is used in the middle east for the transport of fish. )


8. If the poultry before slaughtering must be transported, the inside the transport container with Anolyte should be out-sprayed, in order to sterilize these.


9. The drinking water for the personnel on the poultry farm can be likewise treated with Anolyte, in order to ensure safe drinking water.


10. Catholyte can be used also in the purification process of the work clothes. Dirty clothes can be inserted before washing into Catholyte, in order to loosen and in such a way save up to 80% detergent the dirt sitting in the fabric and to extend the life span of the fibbers in the clothes considerably.


Certificates of the fight and annihilation of bird flu viruses H5N1

Disinfection of air, the soil, the animals by atomising of anolyte

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