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AQUA2LIVE® protect your health!



The reason of dangers

Water is germinating in a short time, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Especially Legion-ulnas are resistant and dangerously. A particular pneumonia is caused by them, called

legionary-disease, that can lead to death. The most known illness is called “Revenge of Montezuma”,


AQUA2LIVE® is a guarantee and help



·       E-Coli bacteria

·       Coliforme germs

·       Pseudomonas

·       Fecal-streptococci

·      Legion-ulnas




·       micro-biologically disinfection of water
(DIN 1988-1-5,8 and DIN 19643
/ EN 1040)

·       not toxic, not caustic

·       overdose not able

·       low overhead

·       admitted for drinking-water-preparation
(German TVO §11
/ EN 1040)

·       inferior space required

·       immediate effect

Use-possibilities of Aqua2live®


·  Drinking water depositing for the human application,
hotels, gastronomy, hospitals, elderly-homes, schools, office buildings, residential-installations

·  Industry, pale-procedures, food-production, business-method-disinfection

·  Bathwater-disinfection, pools, ponds, wellness-oasis’s

·  Climate-technology (disinfection of the “washers”)

·  mobile disinfection, street-parties, catastrophes – and

·  Fecal-disinfection, filter-bed, agriculture, decontamination

* Waste Water Treatment

* Farming, Pig farming, Fish farming, Foot- and Mouth-Disease, Poultry farming, Animal husbandry

* Health Applications


Aqua2live®-plants work with another developed ECA-Technique. Preparation materials and disinfection-procedures correspond to  EN 1040 and § 11 drinking water-medications 2003 and are contained in the list, stand:

January 2003. Aqua2live®-plants are built in accordance to VDE-directions DVWG W 296, W 224, W 624.


Extremely low overheads: Disinfection costs for 1 m3 water approximately 3 cents.


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