Results of a test row in the practical enterprise under medical line



AQUA2LIVE: Application of Anolythe on a pig mast enterprises






Under veterinary and micro-biological supervision of the university a unit of 1000 pigs became disinfection and treatment with Anolyte .


1.            7- daily all stables were disinfected by atomising a water/Anolyte mixture 1 : 5.


2.            On two days per week Anolyte was admitted to the fodder water 1:50 (2 L to 100 L water) .


3.            Stored silo fodder was sprayed and disinfected regularly with a 1 : 100 mixture Anolyte/water.


Micro-biological tests resulted in that after each atomising the stables were practically germ-free .

The smell disappeared after disinfection very fast.

The addition of Anolyte the fodder provided for a „inner disinfication“.

Outward injuries were disinfected with Anolyte concentrate.

Veterinary applications were limited in relation to the group of comparisons conventionally held to 6 % .

The animals reached the final weight without losses 3 weeks in former times, as the group of comparisons.




The all-comprehensive disinfection by the biological disinfection concentrate Anolyte let become  the final weight of the treated 1000 animals without losses three weeks in former times. The cost savings of the veterinary achievements were considerable.

The purity of the air after each application was significant for the health condition of the animals.



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                                                                           Anolythe atomising in presence of the animals



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